Do you have a mileage log?

It’s that time of year. You hate it. You know your accountant is going to ask you those dreaded questions. How many totally miles did you drive this year? How many of the miles were for business? Do you have a mileage log?

Are you the individual that guesses or just says use the same miles as last year’s? Or are you afraid that the IRS may just ask you for this nasty report so you take the time now in January to compile from your calendar a mileage log?  Or do you just cross your fingers and hope they don’t ever audit you.

If you are like I use to be it means you are spending your time in the evenings or weekends working on this dreaded report that doesn’t generate any revenue; so you can get the deductions you deserve and to meet the IRS requirements. Well I too have tried to find solutions to this dread IRS requirement and many have failed the test and I am even a CPA who knows the importance of having a mileage log. Most times I simply forgot to do whatever was required to make them work. Even if it was as simple as hitting a button to start and stop them on my phone.

Well, I found a solution that I love and most of my clients now love the device I use now. It takes very little interaction at all which is good because like I said I am simply too busy to remember to do most things except what I have to meet the minimum requirements. The device I am talking about is the GPS Logbook and it is the easiest device I have ever used. I just plug into my electronic cigarette lighter socket in my car and just forget it for a week at the end of the week I uploaded the information into my computer to the website.  Once I have login to the website I then can decide if the trips I have taken were business or personal. Make remarks about the business trips. Create reports I want, download them as excel or pdfs and I am done. This all can be done on a weekly basis in about 5 minute’s time. What use to take hours or days now takes just minutes, plus I now longer miss the miles I should have been logging and there is no estimating or guessing. I was the person who use to spend hours creating the mileage log report from my calendar and hated it.  One of the best results was that I actual found I got a higher mileage deduction because I wasn’t very good at track all my trips before having the GPS Logbook.

No more, I have time to spend how I want; whether it is with my family or working on my business. The initial cost was well worth the investment of $129 plus tax and after the first year there is an annual cost of $24. That is less than $2 per month. This device is well worth the money I have spent on it. I highly recommend it to anyone that has to report miles for their business or if they have to fill out expense reports; such as a salesperson.