” Kerry touts herself as a ‘Profit & Growth Helper’ rather that a CPA. I now know why. We had been using a large accounting firm for years and had Kerry take a look at our books to see if there were any suggestions she could make on how we might improve our business. I quickly come to the conclusion that Kerry was more like having our own personal CFO than a CPA. She noted some of our entries in Quickbooks were being done incorrectly. We had been doing them that way for years and our previous firm never mentioned it. She is the most detailed accountant I have ever met. She is professional, hardworking, and the icing on the cake is that she has a great business sense. I hired her on the spot. She has tirelessly gone through and ‘fixed’ what I thought was correct and made suggestions on how to improve in the future. She is an invaluable asset and I now consider her to be part of our team. I have referred her to other business owners and have had wonderful feedback from all!”

– Kathy Lavin, The Car Connection

“I’m just delighted to tell you about my experience with Kerry Dyer. My stock broker at Edward Jones knew that I was interested in finding another CPA and suggested that I might want to meet with Kerry Dyer. What an excellent ideal! Kerry came to my home and her patience is just amazing. Because we went through the tornado in April 2011. I had many expenses with rental properties that I own. Unfortunately, the invoices were not in good order and it became obvious as we went through them that there was a great deal of work to do. Kerry was able to take all my information and invoices and make sense out of all of it. I’m just so impressed with how very professional and thorough Kerry is and I would recommend her highly. She’s a pleasure to work with and is such a great help to me.”

– Jacqui Pearce

 “Kerry performed beyond expectations for us. This year, our former CPA filed an extension for the corporation taxes and strung us along until a week before they were due, then bailed out. I knew Kerry was a CPA, but only could hope that she might be able to help. I was pleasantly surprised when she could and did. She dived into the mess left by the former CPA and quickly brought everything together. An absolutely amazing job! We were easily able to get the taxes filed on time and gained a great working relationship going forward.”

– John Moster, AJ Moster, Inc.